What’s in Your Toolbox? New Ways to Build with Your DNA

FREE WEBINAR Event Details Third-party and DNA testing company tools for understanding your autosomal DNA results. In the past several years autosomal DNA testing has exploded in use among genealogists. With the expansion of use many people have been faced with a need to organize and understand their results. Some third-party tools have been developed […]

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Check-Up Time: Reviewing and Updating Old Research

FREE WEBINAR Event Details When is the last time you systematically reviewed your old research? It’s time for a check-up. Identify gaps in your research by writing as you go. Create research plans. Make sure your research meets the genealogical proof standard. Discover tools to assist with writing, planning, strategizing, and avoid distractions. About our […]

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The Georgia Genealogical Society Inc., is proud to announce that we have the capability for offering monthly Webinars to our membership and the general public thanks to the support of TechSoup and Citrix, Inc. GGS uses the GoToWebinar/Meeting software from Citrix.

Unless otherwise noted, webinars begin at 8:00 pm ET.

When possible, archived recordings and handouts for the webinars are (will be) available for Members Only.

Please note: The current GoToWebinar contract allows 500 participants. Any number can register, but only the first 500 people that sign in at the time of the live event will be able to participate. The handout for the current webinar is now on the Control Panel available to participants once signed in for the webinar. You may sign in as early as 30 minutes before the event. The broadcast will not be repeated. However, the broadcast will generally be recorded and GGS members will be able to view the recording.

Past Webinars

Click the button below for a comprehensive list of past webinars and handouts, available to members only.