Index to Georgia’s Federal Naturalization Records to 1950 (Excluding Military Petitions)

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Linda Woodward Geiger
Meyer L. Frankel

Year: 2016

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781329978744

Pages: (pp. 246)


This index of federal naturalizations in the state of Georgia refers to two documents associated with the naturalization process, “Declaration of Intention” and “Petition for Naturalization.” Prior to September 1906, this process could be accomplished in any court of record. Subsequent to that date the process was transferred to the Federal Court System. Since the initial publication of this book in 1996, the federal naturalization records have been digitized and are available on The introduction to this volume contains a detailed explanation on the naturalization process and will help researchers better understand the digitized records. The name index allows researchers to easily pick up alternate spellings of names and to verify the existence of a naturalization record for an individual.