Admission Register of Central State Hospital Milledgeville, Georgia, 1842-1861


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Paul K. Graham
R.J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation

Year: 2011

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780975531259

Pages: (pp. 145)

This book contains the admission records for the first 888 patients admitted to the Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia. The hospital, the state’s first mental institution, was authorized in 1837 and opened to patients at the end of 1842. Each patient record begins with a list of basic facts, with their name, county of origin, age, marital status, and other facts depending on the particular patient. The introductory information is followed by a description of symptoms that led the patient to the hospital, along with possible causes of illness. Records end with dates of admission then those for elopement (escape), dismission, or death. The number by each individual is the sequential patient number given in early admission records.