Resources for Members Only

Members of the Georgia Genealogical Society are entitled access to the below databases and/or files.

The current Georgia Genealogical Society Bylaws, effective September 16, 2017, are available here.


Video Recordings and/or Handouts


  1. Index to Georgia's Federal Naturalization Records to 1950 (Excluding Military Petitions) by Linda Woodward Geiger and Meyer Frankel [1996]
    The file is large, so please exercise patience.
  2. Subject Index to 25 Years of the Georgia Genealgoical Society Quarterly, 1964-1989
    Please note that this is a large PDF file and make take a few minutes to load.
  3. Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterlies - PDF files of the GGSQ are being made available to current members of GGS.
  4. Biographical Souvenir of the States of Georgia and Florida: Containing Biographical Sketches of the Representative Public, and Many Early Settled Families in These States. F.A. Battey & Company, 1889
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  5. History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia with Biographical Compendium and Portrait Gallery of Baptist Ministers and Other Georgia Baptists
    • Part I (pages 1-130) includes a Preliminary History, 1733-1770
    • Part II (pages 131-271), includes biographical index at the ends of this section
    • Part III (pages 272-444)
    • Part IV (pages 445-613), includes biographical index at the ends of this section
  6. Census of the City of Augusta, 1852, taken by Wm. H. Pritchard.
  7. A Transcript of Ceded Lands, 1773 – 1775: Records of the Court of Land Commissioners at Augusta, Georgia
  8. Transcript of The Administrator's Manual and Clerk's Guide: Being a Compilation and Classification of The Laws Regulating Courts of Ordinary (Milledgeville, Georgia: Camak & Ragland–Printers, 1829)
  9. Search the first 19 years of the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly for family names.