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Case Studies on DNA

01-14 @ 8:00 pm - 9:15 pm


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Results from DNA testing can solve family mysteries, disprove traditions, and lead to new avenues of research. In this presentation I discuss several stories, including:
1. The Murder of Rhoda Jones (Michigan, 1883)
2. Another Leaf on the Family Tree (Michigan, 1860)
3. The Indian Princess (Mississippi, 1910)
4. The Orphan at the Convent (Italy, 1880s)
5. The Four Sisters of Crystal Lake (Michigan, 1930s)

About our Speaker

Claudia Breland began researching her family in 1974, after she received family papers from her paternal grandfather. She became a professional genealogist in 2009 and has had clients from around the world, and has lectured in Western Washington, Canada and at the National Genealogical Society conference. She’s written two books on genealogical research and has transcribed and published two volumes of her grandfather’s journals; she has also published a family history for one of her clients. She is an avid user of DNA, and has worked on several unknown parent & grandparent cases. Claudia recently broke a 45-year brick wall, using DNA genetic networks, finding a black sheep 2 nd great grandfather who deserted during the Civil War, and discovering a motive for murder in the death of her 2 nd great-grandmother in 1883.



8:00 pm - 9:15 pm